NFL 2017 – Week 7 Predictions

A moment of silence, for the Green Bay Packers’ season…

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NFL 2017 – Week 5 Predictions

In a year that’s featured some not very exciting games (up until recently), this week featured some exciting endings and some true upsets.

Carolina bested New England at home, Buffalo has now beaten Denver and Atlanta in back to back weeks, the Rams beat the Cowboys in Jerryworld, and two overtime matches that showed an interesting lack of urgency despite the shortened quarter.

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NFL 2017 – Week 3 Predictions

The hyper defensive league continues into the second week, as offenses across the US, from Cincinnati to Houston, from Buffalo to Carolina, all have trouble scoring more points than Tom Brady can score in one quarter!

Impressive outings by Patriots, by the way, bouncing back from their Week 1 “shocker’ loss, as well as impressive starters by everyone in the AFC West… except the Chargers kicker. Sorry, buddy. It’s not fair, but that’s how the NFL rolls.

Jay Cutler got his belated debut with the Dolphins, doing well enough to secure them a win with all of the chances the Chargers gave them. And Zay Jones just missed the game winning touchdown in the Carolina-Buffalo game. Marshawn danced on the sideline and Stafford took a JPP hand to the eyes!

But that’s all just another week in the NFL.

Last week I went 12-4, a much better outcome than my middling first week of 8-7. That makes me 20-11 on the year.

In terms of statistical predictions:

  • I predicted The Tennessee Titans & Jacksonville Jaguars would combine for more than 250 rushing yards; they combined for 278 rushing yards.
  • Corey Coleman only had one catch, so it wasn’t hard for Baltimore’s defense to have more sacks (3) than Coleman catches.
  • Despite my thinking it would be bold, Jamaal Charles did end up outpacing Ezekiel Elliott; Charles had 52 scrimmage yards to Elliott’s 22. Yikes.
  • I was 2/3 correct on my Packers-Falcons prediction; the Packers did outgain the Falcons in passing yards and total yards, mostly because they trailed at kickoff seemingly. Ah well.

Now, on to this week’s picks!

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Yeah NFL 2017- Week 2 Predictions

What a wild week one that was!

Alex Smith playing like an All Pro quarterback; the Patriots possible perfect season spoiled; the LA Rams demolishing the Colts; the Ravens shutting out the Bengals; Sam Bradford playing a near perfect opening game; and the Packers defense wreaking havoc on a shoddy Seahawks offensive line.

It was an impressive week, especially for defenses, with six teams being held under 10 points, and only four teams scoring 30 or more.

My personal record for game predictions last week was 8-7, and I was correct on two of my statistical predictions:

  • Cooper Kupp led the game with 76 receiving yards, more than any other player in the game
  • Aaron Rodgers had 21 rushing yards, far more than Eddie Lacy’s measly 3 yards.

Not great, I’ll admit, so here’s to getting back on track. Let’s get into the picks for this week:

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A Case for Colin Kaepernick – Using Stats

It seems like the most controversial debate of this offseason has been whether or not Colin Kaepernick isn’t getting signed because of his protesting or because he’s not a good quarterback. There are fierce defenders on both sides of the argument, and while I definitely agree the protesting is probably the main reason, I also could see how a 1-10 record last season can make some people question his merits as a player.

People who are adamant about Kaepernick not having the chops to be an NFL quarterback (who don’t immediately state how he’s “unAmerican” for sitting during the national anthem) point to his less than desirable stats from the 2016 season as why he doesn’t deserve to be in the NFL.

So, why not look at these awful stats from his 2016 season, and see if they’re right?

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