NFL – Super Bowl LII Prediction

Here we are. It’s all come to this.

The Patriots and the Eagles. There’s been enough fanfare. Let’s get into this.

Keys for Eagles’ win: Pressure in Brady (duh). Force him to throw to his wideouts (Cooks, Hogan, Amendola) by taking away the running backs and Gronk. Eagles have terrible about giving up yards after the catch. Brady will gash them with James White (and Dion Lewis) like he did the Falcons. They need a foot-on-throat mentality like they did against Minnesota. They can’t give Brady an inch, cause he will take it and he will beat you. We’ve seen it time and again. Control the ball, continue to score, tackle on defense. Play a full 60 minutes.

Keys for Patriots’ win: Make Nick Foles beat you. Take away the run game. Pressure him up front. He doesn’t seem to have a favorite target, but keeping Ertz covered is keeping his security blanket out of the game. Nick Foles is not Carson Wentz. He doesn’t have the playmaking ability to go off script and run around. The defense is tougher than most, but the Patriots beat the Jaguars. Foot-on-throat. Do your Job.

Statistical Prediction: Brady throws for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns to win another Super Bowl and another SB MVP

Score Prediction: New England wins, 24-20


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