NFL 2017 – Week 12 Predictions

I’d like rescind last week’s “Packer Super Bowl” joke and return it for “at least some offensive points I don’t even care if we win just please score” sentiments. Good God.

Recapping last week, both the Titans and the Cowboys got humiliated on national TV by Pennsylvania teams that will almost assuredly be hosting playoff games.

The Browns for the second week in a row showed some fight despite facing a superior opponent; don’t be surprised to see these guys pull off a win or two and maybe not end up with the first overall pick (again). If things continue as they are, circle their December 10th matchup against Green Bay. That’s a game they have a real shot to win.

Speaking of the Packers, they became the third team that the staunch Ravens defense has shutout this season, joining the Bengals and Dolphins. Baltimore’s offense isn’t very good, but in a wildcard race with an ample amount of mediocre teams, Baltimore’s strong defense gives them an edge. They won’t be hosting, but Flacco will be tossing the ball (short distances) in January.

The Texans and Tom Savage managed to win a game, remarkably keeping their playoff hopes alive in a muddy middle AFC. Same goes for Dalton and the Bengals, who have become the latest team to topple the Super Bowl 50 giants, the Denver Broncos.

Both the Redskins and the Seahawks lost killer last minute field goal attempt losses; the Redskins lost in OT after a bogus intentional grounding call and Seattle’s kicker missed a field goal right at the end of the game which kept the affair from going to overtime.

It’s crazy to say, but the Redskins still have a shot at the #6 seed wildcard spot. #5 is likely going to be Carolina, unless something awful happens to their season like it seems to have happened to half of the teams in the league this year, but Redskins have one of the easier stretches in the last six games (with the only one really concerning me is an away game against the surging Chargers, who may also be vying for a playoff spot or the division if the Chiefs continue to crumble.)

Speaking of the Chiefs, Good God. They now join the Broncos as the only two teams to lose to the Giants this season. What is happening to that team? The team that dominated for the first month has now lost four of the last five games, with only a home game against Denver to break up the losses. This team needs to regain their identity or lose the identity they’ve gained because they’ve resorted to the tired, safe Chiefs offense of years past, but without the super staunch defense to help back that up. But this does not mean I’m on the “Pat Mahones Will Save The Day” train quite yet.

Because look at Buffalo- they had whooped by the Saints, made a drastic decision, and got whooped by the Chargers. Now, they’re going to go back to Tyrod (because if they don’t, they can kiss any playoff hopes goodbye) and they’re down a game that they wouldn’t have necessarily lost if Tyrod had been in the game the whole time.

That’s enough recapping for this week, let’s get into the games this week.

First, my prediction record, I went 9-5 last week, adding to my 86-59 record so far, I’m now 95-64 on the year through Week 11.

As for statistical predictions:

  • Sack-sonville did have 5 sacks against Cleveland
  • Nathan did throw for less than 200 yards, 2+ interceptions and 0 touchdowns. (Actual stats: 66 pass yards, 0 touchdowns and 5 interceptions)
  • Carson Wentz had more pass yards (168 to 145) and more rush yards (13 to 10) than Dak Prescott

…and that’s all for this week.

Now let’s get into this week’s predictions!


Thanksgiving Day Games:

Minnesota Vikings (8-2) at Detroit Lions (6-4)

An NFC North slugfest in Detroit to enjoy before your Thanksgiving dinner! Last time these teams met, the Lions surprised a lot of people and pulled off a win; but the Vikings haven’t lost since then and have been gaining more and more momentum on offense behind their hot star… Case Keenum. I expect this game will be a shootout, because both teams are trying to hold onto their playoff chances in an NFC North devoid of a Packers threat. Matt Stafford doesn’t lose on Turkey Day, so I’m taking the Lions in this one.

Statistical Prediction: Matthew Stafford throws for 300+ yards and 3+ touchdowns
Score Prediction: Detroit wins, 38-33

Los Angeles Chargers (4-6) at Dallas Cowboys (5-5)

The surging Chargers come to Jerryworld and show the world (and especially the Chiefs) why they should be feared in the AFC playoff race. Expect Dak to be on his skates as Ingram and Bosa come flying around their makeshift offensive line.

Statistical Prediction: Ingram and Bosa both have 2+ sacks each.
Score Prediction: Los Angeles wins, 27-14

New York Giants (2-8) at Washington Redskins (4-6)

The Redskins are a lot better than their paltry record would suggest. Kirk Cousins is playing some of the best football of his life, and their defense can be great for stretches, but get gassed if the opponent takes off at the end. That won’t be a problem against an anemic Giants team that sputters between falling into wins and giving up towards the end of games.

Statistical Prediction: Kirk Cousins throws for 300+ yards and 4+ touchdowns
Score Prediction: Washington wins, 35-17


Sunday Nov. 26, 1 pm E Slot:

Buffalo Bills (5-5) at Kansas City Chiefs (6-4)

This is a ‘Prove It’ game for both teams and both quarterbacks. Both are playing for their playoff hopes and their jobs. I expect both Smith and Taylor will be playing lights out in a game that could get high scoring with two less than great defenses. I expect Kansas City to win, but Buffalo will not give up easily

Statistical Prediction: Both Alex Smith and Tyrod Taylor each have 300+ offensive yards and 3+ offensive touchdowns
Score Prediction: Kansas City wins, 31-28

Tennessee Titans (6-4) at Indianapolis Colts (3-7)
Statistical Prediction: Mariota and Brissett lead their teams in rushing
Score Prediction: Tennessee wins, 23-17

Chicago Bears (3-7) at Philadelphia Eagles (9-1)
Statistical Prediction: Trubisky throws for under 200 passing yards, 0 touchdowns and 2+ interceptions
Score Predictions: Philadelphia wins, 30-10

Carolina Panthers (7-3) at New York Jets (4-6)
Statistical Prediction: Carolina will have two 100 yard rushers and the Jets will be held under 100 yards team rushing
Score Prediction: Carolina wins, 27-20

Miami Dolphins (4-6) at New England Patriots (8-2)
Statistical Prediction: Tom Brady throws 300+ yards, 5+ touchdowns and 0 interceptions
Score Prediction: New England wins, 42-20

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-6) at Atlanta Falcons (6-4)
Statistical Prediction: Julio Jones has 100+ receiving yards and 2 touchdowns
Score Prediction: Atlanta wins, 23-20

Cleveland Browns (0-10) at Cincinnati Bengals (4-6)
Statistical Prediction: DeShone Kizer throws for 230+ yards and 2 touchdowns
Score Prediction: Cincinnati wins, 24-17


Sunday Nov. 26, 4 pm E Slot:

New Orleans Saints (8-2) at Los Angeles Rams (7-3)

The #FlexNOLA movement may have failed, but that doesn’t change how great of a matchup this game will be. The Rams failed to make their game versus the Vikings a contested affair, but I suspect they’ll have learned their lesson and will make a really exciting game.

Statistical Prediction: Both Goff and Bress each pass for 250+ yards and 2+ touchdowns
Score Prediction: New Orleans wins, 28-24

Seattle Seahawks (6-4) at San Francisco 49ers (1-9)
Statistical Prediction: CJ Beathard throws for 200+ yards and 2+ touchdowns
Score Prediction: Seattle wins, 24-23

Jacksonville Jaguars (7-3) at Arizona Cardinals (4-6)
Statistical Prediction: Adrian Peterson rushes for 100+ yards
Score Prediction: Jacksonville wins, 20-17

Denver Broncos (3-7) at Oakland Raiders (4-6)
Statistical Prediction: Both teams are held under 100 rush yards each
Score Prediction: Oakland wins, 21-17


Sunday Night Football, Nov. 26:

Green Bay Packers (5-5) at Pittsburgh Steelers (8-2)

Good golly Ms. Molly. This game is gunna be a completely blowout. I will be surprised if the Packers can manage to score a fourth of the points the Steelers will score. Color me skeptical that Hundley is the man going forward after Rodgers *gulp* …retires.

Statistical Prediction: Hundley throws under 250 passing yards and 2+ interceptions
Score Prediction: Pittsburgh wins, 34-10


Monday Night Football, Nov. 27:

Houston Texans (4-6) at Baltimore Ravens (5-5)

Tom Savage managed to get his team a win against a limping Arizona team. This game will not be as easy, as the Ravens have a staunch defense and real playoff hopes. It’s a battle of mediocre offenses, but Baltimore clearly has the better defense.

Statistical Prediction: Baltimore defense has 3+ sacks
Score Prediction: Baltimore wins, 23-14


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