NFL 2017 – Week 11 Predictions


Alright maybe not that good but hey, a win is a win, right? Made the Bears look like… the Bears.

The Steelers barely made it out of Indy… what’s up with this team? They play down to their opponents constantly. Should make their TNF matchup against Tennessee interesting.

The NFC South is now the most exciting division to watch. Saints and Panthers are offensive powerhouses with stout defenses, and the Falcons are rounding into shape.

The Seahawks may be sacrificing their crown over the NFC West to the Rams, who showed impressive second half adjustments after a slow start to completely demolish the Texans.

The Vikings survived a shootout in DC despite the game definitely not needing to be a shootout. Yes, Case Keenum threw four touchdowns. He also threw two ugly picks that kept this game within a score at the finish. We will be seeing the triumph return of Teddy Bridgewater before the end of the season.

Speaking of seeing new quarterbacks under center, the Bills are turning Nathan Peterman after a disastrous throttling by the Saints.  This seems a little more than reactionary to me, but I’m not an NFL coach, so here we are. Taylor’s contract will likely not get extended into next season, which will make him a free agent. I look forward to seeing him raise the Lombardi for Jacksonville in the next few years.

Are the Lions for real? They looked like the team from last year against the Browns: bad-ish for three quarters and then turning it on in the fourth. I’m not sure we can trust them going into January with how crowded the NFC is.

Let’s get into Week 11!

As for my prediction record, I went 8-6 last week, adding to my 78-53 record so far, I’m now  86-59 on the year through Week 10.

Statistical Predictions:

  • Carolina had almost triple the rushing yards that Miami had, much more than the double I had predicted (294 yards to 100)
  • Dak Prescott did manage to outrush Devonta Freeman… although that was only because Freeman left the game in the first quarter with a concussion. Yikes. (42 yards to 3)
  • Marcus Mariota also outrushed Joe Mixon, 51 to 37.

Essentially, I need to stick to QB rushing predictions, because I appear to be good at those.

Teams on Bye Week: New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts, San Francisco 49ers, Carolina Panthers


Thursday Night Football, Nov. 16:

Tennessee Titans (6-3) at Pittsburgh Steelers (7-2)

An AFC potential playoff preview? I think yes. Tennessee has finally settled offensively after being a little erratic at the beginning of the season (Really? You beat the Seahawks and then lose to the Texans and Dolphins in back to back weeks?) The Steelers on the other hand, have been cruising since their embarrassing loss to the Jaguars, including a road victory over the mighty Chiefs. Both teams are getting hot when they need to, so it’s anyone’s guess who’ll win this one. Oh wait, I have to guess.

Statistical Prediction: Marcus Mariota outrushes LeVeon Bell.
Score Prediction: Tennessee wins, 23-20


Sunday, Nov. 19, 1 pm E slot:

Los Angeles Rams (7-2) at Minnesota Vikings (7-2)

The NFC matchup of the week. Maybe just the matchup of the week? These are possibly two of the strongest teams in the NFC that are serious Super Bowl contenders. This should be a really fun game to watch (hopefully.)

Statistical Prediction: Neither team has more than 300 yards of offense.
Score Prediction: Los Angeles wins, 20-17

Detroit Lions (5-4) at Chicago Bears (3-6)
Statistical Prediction: Matthew Stafford leads a touchdown drive in final four minutes of the game
Score Prediction: Detroit wins, 28-24

Jacksonville Jaguars (6-3) at Cleveland Browns (0-9)
Statistical Prediction: Jacksonville defense has 5+ sacks
Score Prediction: Jacksonville wins, 20-10

Baltimore Ravens (4-5) at Green Bay Packers (5-4)
Statistical Prediction: No receiver has more than 75 yards receiving
Score Prediction: Baltimore wins, 21-17

Arizona Cardinals (4-5) at Houston Texans (3-6)
Statistical Prediction: Adrian Peterson has 100+ rushing yards and two touchdowns
Score Prediction: Arizona wins, 23-14

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-6) at Miami Dolphins (4-5)
Statistical Prediction: Neither quarterback throws for more than 250 yards and there are 3+ interceptions between the two of them
Score Prediction: Miami wins, 24-20

Kansas City Chiefs (6-3) at New York Giants (1-8)
Statistical Prediction: Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt combine for 300+ yards of offense.
Score Prediction: Kansas City wins, 30-20

Washington Redskins (4-5) at New Orleans Saints (7-2)
Statistical Prediction: Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara combine for 200+ rushing yards for the second week in a row
Score Prediction: New Orleans wins, 33-24


Sunday, Nov. 19, 4 pm E slot:

New England Patriots (7-2) at Oakland Raiders (4-5)

The Meetup in Mexico City! This should be an intriguing game if only for the location. Oakland has been massively disappointing this season, and are ostensibly eliminated from playoff contention, but anything is possible. Maybe a victory over New England could wake them up? Gunna have to say nay on that.

Statistical Prediction: Marshawn Lynch rushes for 100+ yards (and a touchdown) for the first time since October 22, 2015.

Buffalo Bills (5-4) at Los Angeles Chargers (3-6)
Statistical Prediction: Nathan Peterman throws for less than 200 yards, 0 touchdowns and 2+ interceptions
Score Prediction: Los Angeles wins, 21-13

Cincinnati Bengals (3-6) at Denver Broncos (3-6)
Statistical Prediction: Neither quarterback eclipses 250 passing yards
Score Prediction: Cincinnati wins, 20-14


Sunday Night Football, Nov. 19:

Philadelphia Eagles (8-1) at Dallas Cowboys (5-4)

A must win game for Dallas, as they trail the Eagles too much to make up the ground to take the division- they’re vying for a wildcard spot in a crowded NFC, where going 5-5 is a death sentence. And they have to do it without their All Pro running back, their All Pro left tackle, and their All Pro linebacker. Insert Jim Carrey ‘so you’re saying there’s a chance’ gif here.

Statistical Prediction: Carson Wentz has more passing yards and rushing yards than Dak Prescott
Score Prediction: Philadelphia wins, 28-23


Monday Night Football, Nov. 20:

Atlanta Falcons (5-4) at Seattle Seahawks (6-3)

The Falcons finally seem to be getting some semblance on offense after a dominant victory against Dallas. This will be a far taller task, in the most difficult to play in stadium in the league. Although, the Seahawks are now without Richard Sherman, which makes for a much less daunting defense for Seattle.

Statistical Prediction: Matt Ryan throws for 300+ yards against Seattle’s defense
Score Prediction: Atlanta wins, 30-28


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