NFL 2017 – Week 10 Predictions

Another week of football, another week where Aaron Rodgers shows he’s the real MVP of the league. Seriously, they look the Browns without him. Sorry Cleveland.

Carolina implored a very conservative run first attack against Atlanta effectively, running the ball 38 times compared to 24 pass attempts by Newton (with 13 completions be spread out to only three players.) Christian McCaffrey finally showed some life this season, rushing for 66 yards a TD and catching 5 balls for 28 yards. I see Carolina using an option heavy offense moving forward, as it plays on Newton and McCaffrey’s strengths. Lots of reads and tosses. Could be fun to watch, if it continues to work.

Outside of Carolina, it was a good weekend for 2016 first round quarterbacks. Jared Goff and Carson Wentz led their respective teams to 50-burgers wins against the Giants and Broncos (again respectively), and then for Paxton Lynch, he’s finally getting healthy and it’s obvious that Brock Osweiler’s second time around Denver is not the solution that they were looking for in replacement of Trevor Siemian. So maybe Paxton finally gets his shot? Who knows.

Dallas won a decisive victory over Kansas City, further propelling them into NFC playoff contention, more than likely in a wild card spot as the Eagles seem unbeatable as the season continues. Every win is important as the team knows that at any minute, Ezekiel Elliott could be lost for the season due to suspension. Nov. 19 and Dec. 31 are matchups that could decide the NFC East if the Cowboys can surge and win out the rest of the season.

Signs of the dreaded Super Bowl hangover seem to be showing in Atlanta, who consistently cannot finish games either on defense or offense.

Adrian Peterson continues to tote the rock despite being 32, but with David Johnson to return if not later this season than obviously next season, it’s a wonder if this is the end of his illustrious and Hall of Fame potential career.

Speaking of other careers coming to an end, the Colts placed Andrew Luck on IR, officially ending his season. You have to wonder if Luck will ever again be at the level to be able to play in the NFL again or whether his shoulder will always be injured. The Colts did him a great disservice in resting the franchise on his shoulders without giving him an O-Line that could effectively block for him.

That’s enough Week 9 talk, let’s get into Week 10!

As for my record, I went 9-3 last week, adding to my 69-50 record so far, I’m now 78-53 on the year through Week 9.

Statistical Predictions:

  • Seattle’s RBs did outrush Washington’s RBs, 71 to 47
  • Tampa Bay’s offense was held under 300 yards, only managing 222 yards.
  • Cam Newton did outrush Devonta Freeman, 86 to 46

Teams on Bye Week: Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles

Thursday Night Football, Nov. 9:

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals

This matchup has provided some wacky and classic outcomes. Sometimes shootouts, sometimes defensive slugfests, it’s difficult to predict which of these teams will prevail. The cards are stacked against Arizona (heh… see what I did there) but the Legion of Boom is not at full power and hasn’t looked themselves all season. I predict a close game but a Seattle victory.

Statistical Prediction: Adrian Peterson is held under 100 yards rushing and Drew Stanton throws 0 touchdowns and 2+ interceptions
Score Prediction: Seattle wins, 17-10


Sunday, Nov. 12, 1 pm E slot:

New Orleans Saints at Buffalo Bills

Two high powered teams that… Am I crazy to think will both be vying for a Super Bowl berth in January? The Saints defense looks lightyears better than anything Brees has ever played with before and Alvin Kamara has emerged as a dominant threat in both the running and passing game. The Bills themselves have quietly been playing solid defense, and with the Kelvin Benjamin trade and Charles Clay returning from injury, Tyrod Taylor has a lot of big options in the passing game. This should be a fun game. I give the advantage to Buffalo because they’re the home team, but this game could really go either way.

 Statistical Prediction: Both quarterbacks will have 300+ offensive yards and 3+ total offensive touchdowns
Score Prediction: Buffalo wins, 35-31

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears
Statistical Prediction: Neither quarterback eclipses 200 passing yards or they combine for one or less passing touchdowns.
Score Prediction: Chicago wins, 20-14

Cleveland Browns at Detroit Lions
Statistical Prediction: Matt Stafford throws for 350+ yards and 3+ touchdowns
Score Prediction: Detroit wins, 35-10

Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts
Statistical Prediction: Jacoby Brissett throws for more yards than Ben Roethlisberger
Score Prediction: Pittsburgh wins, 30-20

Los Angeles Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars
Statistical Prediction: Both teams have 3+ sacks
Score Prediction: Jacksonville wins, 24-17

New York Jets at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Statistical Prediction: Ryan Fitzpatrick throws for 250 yards, 3+ touchdowns and 2+ interceptions
Score Prediction: New York wins, 26-21

Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins
Statistical Prediction: Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs combine for more receiving yards than Kirk Cousins throws to all of his receivers
Score Prediction: Washington wins, 24-20

Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans
Statistical Prediction: Marcus Mariota outrushes Joe Mixon
Score Prediction: Tennessee wins, 23-17


Sunday, Nov. 12, 4 pm E Slot:

Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons

Two NFC superpowers… or at least it should be? The Falcons have majorly disappointed on offense this season, while the Cowboys have been an enigma from week to week. But hopefully with Elliott’s suspension talk slowing down, that they’ll start to settle and parse it out. Falcons don’t play well at their new home, so I have Dallas winning this easily.

Statistical Prediction: Dak Prescott outrushes Devonta Freeman

Houston Texans at Los Angeles Rams
Statistical Prediction: Los Angeles’ offense has double the total yards than Houston’s offense
Score Prediction: Los Angeles wins, 30-14

New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers
Statistical Prediction: Neither team scores a touchdown in the first half
Score Prediction: New York wins, 20-15


Sunday Night Football, Nov. 12:

New England Patriots at Denver Broncos

Ah, remember the Brady-Manning matchups there were SNF matchups by default right when schedules were released? I don’t know why they choose this one this time. Denver’s offense doesn’t look any better than it did last year; sloppy quarterback play and a bad offensive line have put this team in a position where Brock Osweiler was seen as an upgrade. Jeez.

Statistical Prediction: Tom Brady throws for the same amount (within ~15 yards) of yards as the entire Denver offense can muster.
Score Prediction: New England wins, 30-28


Monday Night Football, Nov. 13:

Miami Dolphins at Carolina Panthers

The last prime time game of the season (unless something gets flexed) for Carolina, and the second prime time game in a row for Miami. Miami looked better in the second half against a pretty bad Oakland defense (who, as you may have heard, do not have a single interception this season). They won’t be so fortunate against the current #1 total defense of Carolina. As for Cam and co., Miami doesn’t have a great defense, but it’s been serviceable at times. If Carolina’s defense can create turnovers and pressure to ruin drives, the offense should score simply from ample opportunity. I have Carolina and the option offense taking this one.

Statistical Prediction: Carolina will have double the amount of rushing yards than Miami
Score Predictions: Carolina wins, 27-20


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