NFL 2017 – Week 7 Predictions

A moment of silence, for the Green Bay Packers’ season…

Okay, but really: I actually have faith in Brett Hundley, and I think he could really shine in this opportunity.

Plenty of upsets that weren’t injuries as well: Bears over Ravens, Dolphins over Falcons, Steelers over Chiefs, and Giants stunning the Broncos on Sunday Night Football. Some close games as well, with the 49ers almost winning their first game, and the newly Adrian Peterson-ed Cardinals almost giving up their large lead to the Buccaneers.

I struggled worse this week than I have any other week, only going 4-10, adding to my season total of 46-31, to be at 50-41 through six weeks of football. Alright, overall. But not great.

In terms of statistical predictions:

  • Cam Newton did in fact rush more than LeGarrette Blount, but that was mostly because Cam Newton was the only Panther who could actually run the ball all game. Cam had 71 rushing yards to Blount’s 67.
  • Josh McCown did have more passing yards than Tom Brady, despite Brady and co. playing catch up in the first half. McCown’s 354 to Brady’s 257.
  • Adrian Peterson did have over 100 rushing yards in his Cardinals debut, and looked very nice and strong behind an Arizona line that’s struggled all year

Now let’s get into the predictions for this week!

Teams on Bye Week: Houston Texans, Detroit Lions


Thursday Night Football, Oct. 19:

Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders

An AFC West showdown in the Black Hole! Both teams are coming off close, disappointing losses where their offenses underperformed, only that the Raiders have been underperforming for weeks whereas the Chiefs have had one bad game in the first six weeks. I fully expect an upset Chiefs to steamroll a Raiders team that has failed to look captivating on either side of the ball.

Statistical Prediction: Kareem Hunt will have more rushing yards than Derek Carr will have passing yards.
Score Prediction: 
Kansas City wins, 33-20


Sunday, Oct. 22, 1 pm ET slot:

Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints

This is the big moment: the first start for the Packers without Aaron Rodgers since Nov. 10, 2013 (a loss to the Eagles, for reference.) But the Packers are in a much better situation than they were back then, at least in terms of quarterbacks. The Packers were rolling out Scott Tolzein and Seneca Wallace, at least before Matt Flynn led them to a 2-2 record during his starts, positioning the Packers to take the division from the Bears in a Week 17 showdown that featured Rodgers returning to the lineup. Enough history, the Saints dropped a 50-burger against the Lions, involving all aspects of their game including their defense which has looked sporadic at times. I expect Hundley to struggle, but I think that they have the requisite pieces to come out of New Orleans with a victory.

Statistical Prediction: Both teams have over 150+ yards of team rushing.
Score Prediction: Green Bay wins, 30-28

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Buffalo Bills
Statistical Prediction: The Bills will have more rushing yards than Jameis Winston will have passing yards.
Score Prediction: Buffalo wins, 24-20

Baltimore Ravens at Minnesota Vikings
Statistical Prediction: Each team will have more defensive sacks than their top receivers will have targets.
Score Prediction: Minnesota wins, 20-17

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins
Statistical Prediction: There will be double the amount of interceptions as there will be passing touchdowns.
Score Prediction: Miami wins, 24-21

Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams
Statistical Prediction: Adrian Peterson and Todd Gurley combine for 300+ yards of offense.
Score Prediction: Los Angeles wins, 28-20

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts
Statistical Prediction: Sack-sonville will have less sacks than Jacoby Brissett will have incomplete passes.
Score Prediction: Jacksonville wins, 23-17

Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears
Statistical Prediction: Mitch Trubisky will have more passing yards than Cam Newton.
Score Prediction: Carolina wins, 26-17

Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns
Statistical Prediction: DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry have more offensive yards than all of Cleveland’s offense.
Score Prediction: Tennessee wins, 30-14


Sunday, Oct. 22, 4 pm ET slot:

Seattle Seahawks at New York Giants

A week ago this matchup would’ve been considered a snore fest with Seattle being handed the victory on a silver plate. But New York has made a turn, I think, with a convincing victory over Denver. I think they can, at home, take on a Seattle team that has struggled on both sides of the ball thus far.

Statistical Prediction: Orleans Darkwa will have double the rushing yards of all Seattle running backs combined.
Score Prediction: New York wins, 21-17

Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers
Statistical Prediction: Dak Prescott has more passing yards than San Francisco has offensive yards.
Score Prediction: Dallas wins, 31-21

Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers
Statistical Prediction: Both teams will be held under 100 team rushing yards.
Score Prediction: Denver wins, 24-17

Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers
Statistical Prediction: Andy Dalton passes for more yards and touchdowns than Ben Roethlisberger.
Score Prediction: Cincinnati wins, 27-21


Sunday Night Football, Oct. 22:

Atlanta Falcons at New England Patriots

A Super Bowl rematch on Sunday Night Football?! This should be awesome! Keyword: should. New England has been dominate on offense but their defense has been comically bad for most of the season. Atlanta started hot but has cooled after two bad home losses. In Foxborough, I have New England having the advantage in a duel that has shootout potential written all over it.

Statistical Prediction: Tom Brady and Matt Ryan combine for 650+ passing yards.
Score Prediction: New England wins, 38-35


Monday Night Football, Oct. 23:

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles

An NFC East showdown! I feel like I say that a lot. Regardless, this matchup could have huge implications on who takes the NFC East in the end, with the Eagles as the heavy favorites. I think the Redskins can put up a fight but ultimately I think this will go to the Eagles.

Statistical Prediction: Carson Wentz and Kirk Cousins combine for 600+ passing yards and 5+ passing touchdowns.
Score Prediction: Philadelphia wins, 30-24


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