NFL 2017 – Week 6 Predictions

Never a dull moment!

Cam Newton had as interesting week as any. Watching the cringiest press conference in a long time and then seeing him be near perfect against a Lions defense that had been sneaky good up until now. Cam and the Panthers are real this year.

In the same week, Roethlisberger looks like he may be near the end, tossing five interceptions against a very good Jacksonville defense. The Jets-Browns and 49ers-Colts games seemed much closer than they probably should’ve been. The Eagles and the Chiefs both continue to look like some of the best teams in the league, and Deshaun Watson keeps on being one of the most exciting players to watch even in losses.

And the game of the week, Packers at Cowboys: WHAT. A. GAME. And Rodgers proves yet again that he is one of the best in the league… and of all time. That throw to Adams was amazing but the roll out that Rodgers made to set up that touchdown was vintage Rodgers. Love it.

Last week I ent 8-6, adding to my season total of 38-25, making me 46-31 through the first five weeks.

Being only ONE POINT off from being perfect on my Carolina-Detroit prediciton is ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

In terms of statistical predictions:

  • LeGarette Blount rushed for 74 yards, more than double the 31 yards the entire Arizona team managed. Ding.
  • I predicted Aaron Rodgers would have a walkoff score, and he essentially did, as the old ‘throw the ball around and see if something happens,’ predictably, netted nothing. I’ll take the wins where I can get them.

Now let’s get into the predictions for this week!

Teams on Bye Week: Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks


Thursday Night Football, Oct. 12

Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers

Two powerhouses of the NFC make for a surprisingly great TNF matchup. Wentz and Newton have been steering the ships effectively through the first five weeks of the 2017 season. I think this will be a very close game, coming till the end to decide who will reign as the victor. I’m going with Newton, since he’s had more experience winning closes games and has the arm and leg talent to carry his team to victory.

Statistical Prediction: Cam Newton will have more rushing yards than LeGarette Blount.
Score Prediction: Carolina wins, 30-24


Sunday, Oct. 15, 1 pm ET slot:

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

A NFC North matchup between two very differently skilled teams. The Vikings have a great defense but have lacked consistency on offense due to injuries, while the Packers had pushed through injuries to have the same prolific offense and a… serviceable enough defense. If Minnesota can get some of the magic they had two seasons ago, this game could help determine who wins the NFC North down the road.

Statistical Prediction: The Packers will have more rushing yards than the Vikings.
Score Prediction: Green Bay wins, 33-20

Chicago Bears at Baltimore Ravens
Statistical Prediction: Neither team will score an offensive touchdown. Spicy.
Score Prediction: Baltimore wins, 20-9

Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans
Statistical Prediction: Deshaun Watson will throw more touchdowns than all of the Cleveland wide receivers will have catches.
Score Prediction: Houston wins, 45-10

Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints
Statistical Prediction: Neither team will have 50+ rushing yards or a rushing touchdown.
Score Prediction: Detroit wins, 28-24

Miami Dolphins at Atlanta Falcons
Statistical Prediction: Jay Cutler will throw more interceptions than Matt Ryan will throw touchdown passes.
Score Prediction: Atlanta wins, 38-13

New England Patriots at New York Jets
Statistical Prediction: Josh McCown has more passing yards than Tom Brady.
Score Prediction: New England wins, 30-14

San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins
Statistical Prediction: Terrelle Pryor has more catches, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns than Pierre Garcon and Marquise Goodwin combined.
Score Prediction: Washington wins, 35-27


Sunday, Oct. 15, 4 pm ET slot:

Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs

This would be a great matchup of two AFC powers… but maybe Pittsburgh isn’t an AFC power anymore? This will be quite a test to see if Ben is back or if Ben is done. Kansas City is maybe the best team in the league, and I don’t see that offense slowing down against a Pittsburgh team that hasn’t looked right all year.

Statistical Prediction: Kareem Hunt will have more rushing yards than Ben Roethlisberger will have passing yards.
Score Prediction: Kansas City wins, 37-24

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Arizona Cardinals
Statistical Prediction: Adrian Peterson rushes for 100+ yards in his Arizona debut with the team. Super spicy.
Score Prediction: Tampa Bay wins, 28-17

Los Angeles Rams at Jacksonville Jaguars
Statistical Prediction: Both teams will be held under 250 yards of total offense.
Score Prediction: Jacksonville wins, 20-14

Los Angeles Chargers at Oakland Raiders
Statistical Prediction: Neither team will have a receiving touchdown from a wide receiver or tight end.
Score Prediction: Oakland wins, 23-21


Sunday Night Football, Oct. 15:

New York Giants at Denver Broncos

Oh boy. This has blowout potential written all over it. New York is already 0-5, with no semblance of a run game and now without at least three of their top four receivers. Denver isn’t very explosive on offense, but their dynamic defense will more than make up for it.

Statistical Prediction: The Giants will be held to under 200 offensive yards and will score no points.
Score Prediction: Denver wins, 27-0


Monday Night Football, Oct 16:

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans

The AFC South continues to baffle NFL fans and analysts alike, with the division unable to keep a team in first place from week to week. These interdivisional games feel like they should be more consequential, but with all of the teams struggling in different ways each week. If Mariota can play, I see Tenessee taking this. All signs point to him being back, so that’s where I’m going to land.

Statistical Prediction: Marcus Mariota will have more rushing yards than the Colts leading rusher.
Score Prediction: Tennessee wins, 21-17


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