NFL 2017- Week 1 Predictions

The NFL season is finally upon us!

Another year of epic matchups, crazy finishes, and memories the football world will remember for all of time.

For now, we predict the outcomes of the first week:

*Updated 9/6, with news of Miami/Tampa Bay game being postponed*

Thursday, Sept. 7 – 8:30 pm:

Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots

The NFL always tries to make their kickoff game a great matchup, and this year is not a disappointment. Two AFC juggernauts duking it out. What more can you ask for?

Statistical Prediction: Tom Brady threw only two interceptions all regular season last year. He’ll match that total in this game alone against a staunch Kansas City pass defense. At least one INT will be by Eric Berry.
Score Prediction: New England wins, 31-23



Sunday 1 pm slot, Sept. 10:

Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans

The long awaited return of Beast Mode! I suspect that his return will not reach the meteoric expectations that are currently placed on it, but I suspect that Lynch will have a decent first game with the Raiders. The Titans are also primed for a season of expectations, as they are widely seen as a playoff caliber team. While I think they’ll come up short this time around, the NFL world will see that Tennessee will not be a team to take lightly this year.

Statistical Prediction: Marshawn Lynch, DeMarco Murray, and Derrick Henry all combine for 300+ yards of offense.
Score Prediction: Oakland wins, 30-28

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills
Statistical Prediction: Both quarterbacks will combine for 4+ interceptions.
Score Prediction: Buffalo wins, 17-10

Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans
Statistical Prediction: J.J. Watt sacks Blake Bortles/Chad Henne three times, saluting the city of Houston every time.
Score Prediction: Houston wins, 24-13

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns
Statistical Prediction: Deshone Kizer, in his NFL debut, throws for more yards than Ben Roethlisberger in the matchup.
Score Prediction: Pittsburgh wins, 35-24

Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions
Statistical Prediction: David Johnson starts the year off strong with 100+ yards in both rushing and receiving.
Score Prediction: Arizona wins, 28-21

*Game has been Postponed* Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Miami Dolphins

Statistical Prediction: Jay Cutler dices up Tampa Bay’s defense for 300+ yards and 3 TDs, but his defense lets him down.
Score Prediction: Tampa Bay wins, 35-31

Atlanta Falcons at Chicago Bears
Statistical Prediction: Mike Glennon shocks the world and rallies the Bears against an electric Atlanta team, with two touchdown drives in the fourth quarter.
Score Prediction: Chicago wins, 28-24

Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals
Statistical Prediction: Joe Flacco has a rough start, throwing two interceptions, one of which gets returned for a pick six.
Score Prediction: Cincinnati wins, 28-13

Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins
Statistical Prediction: Both quarterbacks will lead their respective teams in rushing yards.
Score Prediction: Philadelphia wins, 24-14



Sunday 4 pm slot, Sept. 10:

Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers

Ever since the infamous “Fail Mary” game, matchups between the Seahawks and Packers have been much watch TV. The epic comeback in the 2014 NFC Championship to the shocking slaughter during the 2016 season. This matchup won’t be any different …hopefully. This marks the first return of Eddie Lacy to Green Bay since he was cut last offseason. The revenge game won’t be so sweet for Lacy though, as he’s struggled since last season and has been injury prone. Green Bay will take this one, but it will be much closer than the last meetup in Green Bay.

Statistical Prediction: Aaron Rodgers will have more rushing yards than Eddie Lacy will have total offensive yards.
Score Prediction: Green Bay wins, 31-21

Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Rams
Statistical Prediction: Rookie receiver Cooper Kupp will have more receiving yards than any player on either team.
Score Prediction: Los Angeles wins, 20-14

Carolina Panthers at San Francisco 49ers
Statistical Prediction: Christian McCaffrey will have more offensive yards than Brian Hoyer will have passing yards.
Score Prediction: Carolina wins, 30-20



Sunday Night Football, Sept. 10:

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

A classic NFC East matchup between two teams that had some great games last year. The Giants were one of the few teams that managed to slow down the offensive juggernauts of Dallas. I see this year being similiar, with teams having a full year to study Dak and Zeke film.

Statistical Prediction: Odell Beckham Jr, Brandon Marshall, and Sterling Shepard will combine for more receiving yards than Dak Prescott will pass.
Score Prediction: New York wins, 28-20



Monday Night Football, Sept. 11:

New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings

The Adrian Peterson revenge game! The NFL world is eager to see the three headed rushing monster of New Orleans, with Peterson, Mark Ingram, and Alvin Kamara, as well as rookie Dalvin Cook for Minnesota. Despite Drew Brees leading the league in passing, seemingly for every season he’s been in New Orleans, I think this game will be a game on the ground all around.

Statistical Prediction: Both teams will have more rushing yards than passing yards on their respective teams.
Score Prediction: Minnesota wins, 23-17

Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos
Statistical Prediction: Denver’s Defense will have more sacks than Keenan Allen will have receptions.
Score Prediction: Denver wins, 21-17


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