Ossoff v. Handel: How a District in Georgia Encapsulated the Country

Like the Mayweather v. Pacquiao matchup, the special election for Georgia’s 6th district was a highly touted and popular event across the country, with millions tuning in to see the results.

And much like that fight, the election results were already decided before someone punched (in this case, a ballot.)

Karen Handel handily won the election over young newcomer Jon Ossoff, despite the exuberant amount of money spent on advertising in favor of Ossoff. As many news outlets report, this was the most expensive House race in US history.

After an impressive runoff election, it would seem that Ossoff couldn’t capitalize on the other left-leaning or centrists voters that voted for other Democrat or Independent nominees.

What does this change though?

Honestly, not much.

The Democrats are still in disarray, identity-wise, trying to balance an intake of fresh blood while maintaining old leadership of the party in figures like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

The Republicans continue to maintain a seat they have had since 1979 when Newt Gingrich first won it, with the Republicans still maintaining a healthy majority in the House. They have their own identity problems as the moderate right, Freedom Caucus, and Trumpian Republicans all have issues with each other.

So to say that this special election is indicative of how 2018 will swing is foolish at best.

The Republicans very well may keep the majority despite low polling numbers for Trump and a secretive GOP leadership that plans health care bills behind the backs of political colleagues and the public media.

But 2018 elections are a year and a half away. Any number of things could change in that time span; wars have started in less time, and with tensions only ever rising in Syria as planes and drones shoot each other down, the precipice of another global conflict is drawing nearer.

So, everyone: take a beat and a breath.

Congrats to Karen Handel; excellent campaign, Jon Ossoff, even though you didn’t win, you kept things interesting.

This election is only indicative of one thing: that Karen Handel will be the new representative for Georgia’s 6th district.


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