Don’t Salivate Because You’ve Heard a Bell – Taking a Beat Before the Comey Testimony

Former FBI Director James Comey is set to testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, June 8th.

Media figures and liberals abound are salivating over the prospect of Comey confirming the last month of bombshell reports, including President Trump allegedly obstructing justice by asking Comey to end the Flynn investigation, allegedly asking Comey for his loyalty, and then later firing Comey to end or complicate the investigation into whether the Trump campaign and the Russians colluded during the 2016 election.

This is being touted like a sporting championship event by the media, and while it will be very interesting and important to hear what Comey has to say, let’s all take a beat.

Comey hasn’t given any indication as to what he’s willing to discuss or confirm, although reportedly he talked with independent investigator Robert Mueller and Mueller seems to have given him the all clear everything he’s supposed to talk about.

But it’s important to not get ahead of ourselves here. Comey’s testimony will be important but that doesn’t mean that this is the end of Trump’s presidency.

If Comey confirms all or most of the stories that have come out in the last month, this will reaffirm the general left’s views but will likely not convince most or all of Trump’s supporters.

If Comey is tentative about what he’ll say or really says nothing that he hasn’t already said publicly (as Mueller’s investigation is concurrently going on as well as the FBI’s active investigation into the Trump-Russia collusion while this testimony is taking place), then the general left will demand more testimonies and Trump’s supporters will continue to say that the investigation is unwarranted.

Of course, the only people who need to be convinced are Congress, or even more specifically the House of Representatives who would enact the process of Impeachment.

I guess in summary is: take a breather. No matter what Comey says, it is very, very, very unlikely that this is the end of the Trump presidency. No need to practice saying “President Mike Pence” quite yet.

There will possibly (more so, probably) be more testimonies if Comey’s ends up being helpful, but regardless Mueller’s independent investigation will continue concurrently to Congress’ investigations and Mueller may take years to finish. heyr

We’ll all watch this Thursday to see what Comey says, and see which way this whole situation will go. This will be a long process, no matter what happens.


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